Monday, November 8, 2010

SNEAK PREVIEW OF NEW MUSIC FROM "Living: Two Sides of Same Story Chapter One"

Hi all!!! Great can now listen to three new songs from our soon-to-be released album, "Living: Two Sides of the Same Story".

Please look to your right for our "Music Player" and to be able to listen to "Crisis Internalized",  "Hora Tras Hora" (NEW MIX), and "In Your Arms, From Your Kiss, With Your Touch"!

Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment and please SHARE with your friends. It will be much appreciated!!!

Hola a tod@s! Buenas noticias....ahora puedes escuchar a tres de las canciones de nuestro próximo álbum, "Living:  Two Sides of the Same Story Chapter One.

Mira a la derecha para ver nuestro player de música..allí puedes escuchar a "Crisis Internalized", "Hora Tras Hora" (NUEVA MIX) y "In Your Arms, From Your Kiss, With Your Touch"!

Déjanos saber tu opinión así dejando un comentario, y porfix COMPARTE nuestra música con sus amig@s. Estaremos muy agradecidos!!