Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living: Two Sides of the Same Story Chapter One ON SALE

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE PURCHASED OUR ALBUM. We reached our goal of selling 100 albums 1 month early because of your contribution!!

Don't can still purchase our album and get it autographed. :-) Two ways:

1) Through our on-line store with PayPal:
2) Directly from us by money order/check. Please write to us at to make arrangements.


MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS A TOD@S QUIEN HA COMPRADO NUESTRO ALBUM! Hemos alcanzado nuestra meta de vender 100 discos con un mes antes de la fecha anunciada!

No te preocupes! Todavía podés conseguir tu copia autografiada!!! Dos maneras:

1) En línea con PayPal visitando a nuestra tienda online a
2) Directamente de nosotros. Escribinos a

Mil gracias!