Sunday, February 14, 2010

Music in Beautiful Plaza Francia

Yesterday we had our first live performance since arriving back to Buenos Aires—right out in the open air of Plaza Francia. It was a breezy late afternoon with spots of sun here and there…perfect for performing for folks who are enjoying their weekend. We had probably about hundred people throughout the couple of hours pass through and listen to our music…well I suppose if you count the mosquitoes as well we could say that we had an audience of around a 1000! They were vicious today!!! Thanks to our friends Mary, Marco, and Deise for coming out to support us..they not only applauded really loud but also saved us with insect repellant.

We had lots of fun and will continue to do so because….

We will be performing EVERY SATURDAY at Plaza Francia (Recoleta) around 5 p.m. More open-air shows TBA... Stay Tuned!