Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Night Performing in The Cavern Club's Annual Original Artist Contest

Andrés and I just finished playing The Cavern Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina and had a fabulous time. Great crowd! Great sound staff! Great support!

Tonight was the preliminary round for May of the Original Music, Duos category of The Cavern Club's Annual Music Contest. We are feeling confident about our performance. But, most importantly we had a wonderful time performing.

I sang three of the songs that I wrote over the last year. One of them was "Bringing Me Up To Your Level", which I wrote for Andrés specifically to thank him for his inspiration and love. Yeah, I talked all mushy about Andrés before singing it and gave him a big kiss at the end. He gets kinda shy when I do that, but hey that's the benefit of working with my partner. :-)

You can enjoy the videos of us performing "Charming You Are", "Bringing Me Up To Your Level", and "Hora tras Hora" earlier this evening by going to our MySpace page at