Friday, May 1, 2009

And so the story begins....

Welcome to our blog. Let me tell you a little story about the genesis of Jane Kellum and Casalaspro. I'll recount the details from my perspective as I can't be certain of the entire chain of events leading to Andrés's being in bus #106 in Buenos Aires just as I would...but I digress.

It was November 22, 2008 around 4:30 p.m. Summer time had already broke in Buenos Aires making the day pretty darn hot and muggy. It was one of those afternoons in which anything took more effort than usual, especially to leave the house. However, I finally aimed to do something so I decided that a visit to see my friend, Marika, was in order. Truthfully, my arrival to her house should have been earlier were it not for my case of the lazies. So I mustered the energy to dress, leave home, get on the bus, and make my way to the center where there was a spot next to this sort of mysterious looking guy wearing black. Indeed it was Casalapro.

What proceeds to happen is that Andrés (Casalaspro) says something to me. I don't really know what he says to me because I'm not really paying attention, but do mutter a general response. He replies with "oh you're not from here" (hmmm "I guess my Spanish isn't that good still.", I think. We begin to talk. My bus stop arrives. I quickly apologize saying that I've got to get off the bus. He says, "Well, can I get off the bus with you so we can keep talking?" I make the decision...."Yes that would be okay".

Folks the rest is just history. Was it coincidence that he and I would be on the bus at the same time? That we would both be musicians searching for someone new with whom to work? Was it just happenstance that we just have so much in common?

Who knows? I just know that I am happy to have met him and able to share my life and music with him. We hope that you will enjoy our blog and be part of our music making journey. Follow us at our blog and at our MySpace Music page at

With that world, we present you: